kittening (kittening) wrote in mizuki_shigeru,

Takoyaki Oyaji

I just wanted to share a fun little item I got as part of a cell strap lot off yahoo japan.  I really think he's a sort of homage to Medama Oyaji.  What do you think?

If anyone wants one (I have ten, on pink or blue straps) I am selling some on ebay <here> or you can just get it from me outside of ebay for the same as the opening bid.  Hopefully it's okay to mention that here... The one I kept for myself was the only one to come in with a rainbow strap!  oooooh
They have yet to arrive (just a week to go) but I have two new Maneki Neko for my collection
They also made a Nezuki Otoko version, but it didn't really look much different from the normal Nezumi Otoko.  Why they didn't make a Neko Musume is a mystery!
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